Saturday, January 29, 2011

Uncalled For Directed Attacks

Teresa Ellen Reeves has been one of the long lasting mainstays of the effort to gain rights for people of Transsexual Experience. As well, she has greatly demonstrated the action to help others within the allied spectrums of Transssexual, Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual an Intersex people. Of course she should not be attacked for her honest perspective and revelations of a significant amount of ill treatment by some people in and individuals under the Trans umbrella.

Several days ago, Teresa was invited to post as a guest columnist on the site known as TS-Si by Sharon Gaughan, but has been subsequently attacked by Evangelina Carters, Leigh Jane Smith and Rose Ann Miller in a long thread on Facebook - that ganging up was completely uncalled for, wrong and does boggle the mind with the veracity against Teresa that was displayed. If she or others do not want to be labeled as a "T****y, then don't do it. The attack was also about her defense of Ashley Love and other like minded people who do not want TS experience, presence, legimate issues to be buried, dismissed by "othering" them as a 'third gender' without asking them how they need to identified and referred to; The same should not be precipitated upon ANYONE, be they Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, of Transsexual-Experience, Cis-gender, Cis-sexual Experience, Intersex, etc.

As a long time principle hard working representative of WHEEL and a few other organizations in Seattle and one who has stepped up to the plate as president of GIEC, she deserves to be heard and respected for her contributions without an all out blind attack – indeed just as we all deserve that in this fight for our human rights for all.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Anti-Defamation And The Sting Of Truth

Original article we are responding to:

Of course, the communities of gender have to be especially vigilant about the derision of others of differeing opinons, backgrounds, life circumstances, birth and "life styles" - "calling the kettle black" as it were.
But and that is a big 'but', if any leakage of truth is felt by a common collection of sub communities shoved under a larger political "umbrella" created on paper, without the actual consent of affected people within them, that honest truth will sting.

As such, this is what is happening here, writer and activist Autumn Sandeen and several denizens of the LGB(t) "toe the line club", are feeling that sting in real time; One can tell this in her recent post in a work to derail the views of Ashley Love, also an activist, artist, writer and one of the lead founders of MAGNET (Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexuals & Transgenders) an anti-defamation in the media organization, as well other dissident voices in the newest publishing of "Pam's House Blend" news and editorial magazine online - near baseless mud slinging in the media as a tool of expression as it turns out, is quite accepted these days. Of course, everyone has an absolute right to blog, to write, to express their views, however much based in reality, or however deluded. After reading, nay... after analylzing what has been written in Ashley Love's blogs and stated in other media from several other writers about the near erasure of fair representation of transsexual and intersex people, there are very sharp shreds of truth just screaming to be heard, understood and considered. The forced appropriation and political absorbtion of the diverse, collective voices of transsexual, transgender, intersex, gender variant individuals by a masculine driven side of the gender collective, suspiciously supported by a "subtly" misogynist, affluent white gay male clique is beginning to be pretty hard to overlook - as we are told to do.

One example is, is when we are told to just contribute hard earned cash to drag show events (such as the traveling tripe of a "show" known as: "Shirly Q. Liquor")that are really designed to invalidate, trivialize the female identities of transsexual(and transgender womyn); We are then told to just laugh it off when a larger society picks up the cues that trans womyn, their lives as well as their attempt to live genuine lives according to their inherent internal sex/gender and plights are not to be taken seriously. We are then beaten down like redheaded ignorant stepchildren, when complaints about the afforementioned, are put forth.

How then, is the effort to gain human rights for trans and intersex peoples as a whole, going to be perceived and not treated like just another "Jerry Springer" media stunt??