Monday, April 4, 2011

Deligitimizing The Identity And Rightful Sex Of Transsexual People:

The below is a snapshot of discussion on Ethan St. Perrie's wall regarding the the recent article: "Don't Call Me Transgender" by Transmenace
And my response to one Trans women's act of deligitimizing the identity and rightful sex of TS people:

Janice Josephine Carney:

the reality is some transexual's may see themself,s as Real men or Women, but as soon as they lose there jobs. housing, or have need of legal assitence, they run to transgender friendly organizations for help and surrport. As fo rML, a law that needs aprovement is better then no law.

Arianna ShockAnna-Awe Kitti (Empowered Kitty):

@Janice and others:
Simple: TS women and men ARE women and men. What does "real" mean anyway, even when applied to Cissexual women and men??
Some women who are Cissexual/Cis -Gender (and some men), have been harrassed, discriminiated against, or lost their jobs because they did not fit narrow standards of what is considered a woman and man. There are numerous cases of instances, such as Price v Waterhouse, which did set a legal precedent in the realm of "gender expression".

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