Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Biting Back!

A 'Trans Panther' logo


So apparently there are signs that Transgender/Transsexual people are fed up with outright attacks from several fronts, including those of the physical, social psycho-theraputic "professionals" and religious kind.

This is one particular story about how people who are members of a semi new and growing worldwide (and militant one) organization stood up to a potential violent assault born of pure, ignorant hate.

Just this past Monday 19th around 8:35 PM in Los Angeles' West Hollywood area GLB(T) meeting center called Ed Gould Plaza, 3 people of Transgender/Transsexual background walked out of a social support meeting, innocently intending to just climb into their respective 2 cars to go home for the evening. But that did not happen right away. The 3, one Trans Man and 2 Trans Women were confronted by 7 thuggish fresh recruits of the LA Crips gang looking to earn their street "stripes". The pee wee gang bangers apparently wanted to rob the 3, do a "beat down" and humiliate them as quickly as possible, they thought wrong...

They did not notice the 2 women wearing identical black tshirts with the words "Trans Panthers" on the front and "Claws out for the cause" on the back? Of course the thickheaded assailants also were not too sharp in failing to take note of the purple colored bandannas that all 3 of the potential victims wore, as they allegedly rapidly pulled out canisters of strong riot grade pepper spray (according to one witness)and directed the sprays as one unit in the faces of the 7 attackers, as if they had trained or had been trained that way.

By then, traffic was beginning to slow up on the busy main street near the intersecting 1125 N. McCadden Place, a few LA drivers becoming curious about the melee unfolding 2 blocks from the plaza.

The surprised young attackers, possibly becoming aware of the growing attention, began to stumble and blindly run with pepper spray foam still dribbling down from faces and eyes, mucous raining down in rivulets from nasal passages. Those who refused to get away from the Trans defenders began to receive forceful encouragement in the form of kicks to their bodies before they to decided to follow the example of their gang-banging brethren.


The last view of one of the 2 witnesses was one of the young Trans man delivering a flying kick to the stomach/side of a thug before everyone departed the scene quickly.
But right at that moment(according to one of the witnesses) someone yelled: "Trans Panthers bite back!!"


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